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Unable to continue re-watching Sabrina because the eldest had claimed the Netflix screen (I down graded the package because there was only me watching anything, but it looks like I’m going to have to upgrade again), I stuck Disney on and got into Not Dead yet.

I’ve been seeing a lot of New Rasputin comments on social media lately, and whilst Rasputin didn’t make any new predictions for this far in the future (I didn’t really think he had) I did find some that Nostradamus made.

The other thing I’ve seen a lot of is the writers’ strikes, supported by actors and many others too, happening in Hollywood. The first in fifteen years. And despite not being a WGA member, I’m totally behind the strikes. I’m sure it will have far-reaching effects on all writers.

Not Dead Yet

An easy to watch little comedy with some prominent characters. For the last few episodes, I’ve been wondering if she’ll ever tell anyone about her ability. And whether the locations she gets her new assignments will become more awkward. It’s not a ‘hurry up, I need to watch the next episode!’ kinda show but I am enjoying it and hope it grows as a show into another series.

Starring Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Deepwater Horizon), Hannah Simone (New Girl, Killing Gunther), Lauren Ash (Superstore, The Disaster Artist), Rick Glassman (Undateable, Nobodies), Josh Banday (Upload, Murderville), and Angela Elayne Gibbs (Hacks, Black Jesus).

Follows Nell Serrano, broke, newly single and feeling old, who is working to restart the life and career she left behind 10 years ago

Not Dead Yet, IMDB

Rating: 4 out of 5.


You might have heard his name on the socials recently, some talking about predictions for this year and others claiming to be the new Rasputin. I’m not sure why anyone would want to be the new Rasputin, given the controversy involved in his life and how he died.

Grigori Rasputin was accused of witchcraft and black magic despite his own claims that he was a holy man and mystic. He was born in 1869 in Russia and died in 1916. Married with three children, he was considered a heeler by the Russian Royal Family because of their belief that he eased the pain of Alexei Nikolaevich, who suffered from hemophilia. And he became indespensible to the royal family. However, questions arose about his relations with the Tsarina and her children, visiting them in the nursery whilst they were in their nightgowns, claims by nursery governesses of rape, and pornographic drawings. Eventually, Rasputin was ordered to leave the city, and he went on a pilgrimage.

Rasputin was shot three times, one at close quarters to the head, on December 17th, 1916. And the four grand duchesses appeared visibly upset by the loss.

A group of nobles decided that Rasputin’s influence on the royal family was too threatening to the empire. Led by Prince Felix Yusupov, who later wrote in his autobiography that they invited Rasputin to his home and offered him tea and cakes laced with Cyanide. Rasputin was apparently unaffected by the poison. He then drank three glasses of poisoned Madeira wine and still it had no visible effect. Yusupov excused himself from the room and obtained a gun from his co-conspirators who were waiting upstairs. He returned and shot Rasputin in the chest.

Then, to cover up their crime, one of the group dressed in Rasputin’s coat and they went to his home to make it look as though he had returned that evening. When Yusupov got home, Rasputin attacked him when he went to check on the body. Racing for safety, Rasputin followed and was shot again by Purishkevich. The conspirators wrapped the body in cloth and took it to the river.

His body was found on January 1st and taken for autopsy. The autopsy surgeon said the body showed severe signs of trauma, but no evidence of poison.

Rasputin’s predictions were vague and could be attached to events when they happened. Perhaps in reality they were more like considered opinions of what he believed would happen, given the evidence available to him.

That being said, how could Nostradamus predict things so far in the future?

Nostradamus didn’t attach specific dates to his predictions, but here is what is in store for us this year.

Nostradamus Predictions 2023

  • Further temperature increases -more frequent and hotter heatwaves
  • Rising sea levels -and rising temperatures in the ocean that could lead to dead fish
  • A major world conflict
  • An assassination
  • A failing economy that could lead to cannibalism (this seems extreme at first glance, but if the prices of food and fuel keep rising, there are definitely going to be communities unable to feed themselves and their families).
  • The palace ablaze

The First Writers Strike in 15 Years

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) represents 11500 entertainment, film and television writers and went on strike after failing to reach a contract agreement with the major studios. A number of shows are affected by the strikes, including the new GoT spin off.

The WGA is looking to improve things for writers with an increased minimum -and appropriate- compensation, and increased residuals. Plus increased contributions to pensions and health plans, strengthened professional standards and protections for writers.

I can only hope to be part of the WGA one day, but what everyone out there is doing is outstanding. Thank you.