Reviews Offered

Your movie or short might be a good fit for my audience. A romance won’t fit here, but a horror, sci-fi, western, supernatural, dark fantasy, thriller, or action would. Email [email protected] with your movie or short info (the trailer helps too). If I think it will be a good fit, I’ll ask for more.

And all I’ll need from you for the review is:

  • Screener link (and password if there is one)
  • Release dates if you have them
  • Poster or other social media prepped stuff for sharing
  • Stills or permission to take screenshots from the film (It doesn’t need to be tons, just a couple of good ones), or even behind-the-scenes shots would be great.
  • You can provide links to social media, if you have it set up for the movie/short, and I’ll share them in the post too

Email [email protected] 


Are you making a movie this year? Feature length or short film, I like to review genres that I love watching – Western, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Action are all a good fit. Or mixed genres with a bit of the above in. #blogger #indiemoviemakers #movielover #indiemoviemakers #indiemovie #moviereviews #horrorblogger

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