The Moribund by K.T. McQueen | Dark Fantasy

A Dark fantasy from K.T. McQueen, The Moribund takes you on a quest into a new world with gods and demons, death and demigods.

A being older than the Gods, threatened by a Demigod promising mortals immortality

The Moribund Book Cover

One day it was there, this character, waiting to come to life. A creature older than the Gods who wanted her story told, a creature that brings hope in your darkest hour.” -K.T.McQueen

Delve into a dark world where human lives are being manipulated by the demigods around them for amusement and profit. Is belief necessary for the survival of these beings, for their power to be great enough to alter our worlds or are they inevitably powerful? And what of their offspring, part human-part god, what of their power and ability? And who is responsible for their punishment when they go too far?

She visits before death to offer you a deal | The Moribund

A being older than the Gods, threatened by a Demigod promising mortals immortality, teams up with Death (her ex), an Out-of-Time Nurse, & the ghost of Sir Arthur to put a stop to the Demigod’s plan before all hope of an afterlife is stolen from the world.

Unwilling to get involved with the human world, The Moribund visits you before death to offer you the ideal next life, so when a nurse approaches her looking for a deal for her dying husband she is less than accomodating.
But then they discover the husband’s soul wandering the hospital looking for a new body, and he isn’t the only soul looking to body-jump.

If the soul isn’t in the body then The Moribund won’t offer her deal and without the deal, she can’t satisfy her hunger. Will she revert to the way she fed before humans came into being or put a stop to the body-jumping before it becomes a bigger problem?

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