Tuesday: The Day I Realised I would have to Save the World by Desy Melza

It was, as it turns out, inevitable. Not inevitable because of some prophecy, despite there being a fortune telling, but inevitable because that’s how it was engineered.

I was part of somebody elses design.

I was carefully selected, convinced, pushed, prodded and cajoled into doing things I wouldn’t normally do. The government no longer had our best interests at heart and despite the attempts of The Following they were going ahead with their plans. I was totally against it of course but I wasn’t the rebellious type, well not until Tuesday anyway.

Tuesday is the first book in a novella series. The story of Bliss Cardigan and Chip, her ever present sidekick.

A solar flare explosion shoved the earth out of its accepted orbit and onto a new one, the government used this to keep the people dependant on them. After 100 years it was clear the government had new plans that didn’t just involve one city, but all cities. Not everyone thinks their plans are good, no matter the spin.

Bliss becomes both the saviour and the biggest threat but all she wants is to get some sleep and make sure her parents are okay.

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A New Bliss Series

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