My Fav Throwbacks/Remakes | KT Movies

Maybe I’ve just reached that age where I’m missing the movies I grew up with or maybe I feel that if they’re gonna make a remake, it sure as shit better be something good. A lot of films seem to be softer, remakes often take out the things that made the movie great in the first place (even if we thought it was the story). And they don’t seem to be stopping -I mean, we had good movies back in the 90s, why wouldn’t they want to cash in on the nostalgia? But because there have been so many over the last few years (Hannibal, Dracula, The Exorcist, Bill and Ted) I’m focusing on the more recent ones that have grabbed my attention.

So, the ones that I can’t wait for first…

  • Nosferatu (okay, this wasn’t a 90s movie, but it’s still a remake) – December
  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (cannot wait for this one) – September
  • Practical Magic 2 -just announced, so it’s gonna be at least 9 months before this graces our screens

The ones that are in the cinemas or available for rent…

  • The Fall Guy
  • Dune
  • Mad Max: Furiosa -For me, these are good movies, but hardly anything like the Mel Gibson ones, no throwback here.
  • Ghostbusters -I’m enjoying these movies but I think they’ve lost something from the originals -can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die
  • Mean Girls
  • Twisters -July 17th
The ones I’ve loved so far…

Road House -The Jake Gyllenhaal One

Loved all the nods to the original movie, but I don’t think the music was quite as good and I kind of missed the whole community coming together at the end to beat the bad guy thing from the original. But I’ll definitely watch another (and this one over and over), and -this is just a thought- they could do Keanu Reeves as Wade Garrett should they be wanting to bring that character back into it.

Ex-UFC fighter Dalton takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to discover that this paradise is not all it seems.

Road House (2024), IMDb

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

I really enjoyed this -I’ve just tried to continue this sentence about twenty times, going on about the age of the characters, the same personalities but toned down with experience- what I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t be able to do what I did when I was in my twenties with such ease now. And I appreciate the fact that it was included. There was still all the good stuff, just a smidge slower. Back then I would happily get on a horse that had never been ridden (with a leg up), now I’ll use the mounting block if you don’t mind, and if we could just do a nice hack on a more experienced horse, that’ll do me fine. The nostalgia hits in all the right places, with all the right faces.

Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills after his daughter’s life’s threatened. Includes old pals John Taggart and Billy Rosewood working to uncover a conspiracy.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, IMDb