Upload -sucker punches you in the wtf bone | KT Review

Honestly, I was reluctant to watch Upload. It sounded like a take on the Black Mirror thing and as much as I enjoyed that I wasn’t sure how much different that could be. But I heard some good things, saw a trailer, and had nothing else to watch. So I stuck it on, figured I’d give it a go and got hooked. The blurb says it’s a comedy but it’s soft on the comedy, it’s a gentle kind of comedy, strokes the funny bone enticingly before sucker punching you in the wtf bone (that’s in your jaw, it’s the one that makes your mouth pop open wide and your eyelids try to retreat into your skull so your eyeballs can get the most data).

Hotel reception desk with title Upload


Imagine being able to upload your consciousness to a new kind of existence at the point of your death, being able to enter your next life in a body pretty dang similar to the one you previously occupied with all your thoughts and memories intact. You meet your Angels (real world handlers) who look after your every need and maybe get to know them a bit. You can meet relatives you never met in your lifetime, enjoy pastimes, comfort, whatever food you like -because you never have to put on weight, fun gatherings, and make new friends whilst still staying in touch with your old ones whilst living in a luxurious hotel. Family can even visit with a virtual version of themselves. Now imagine you were the guy working on an alternative, free version of all that, who suddenly has to decide whether to upload or not. And when you get there you can’t remember a few little things, that initially seem unimportant until that one conversation with that one guy. What can you do? What can your Angel do? And why do all the hotel staff look exactly the same?

Starring Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City), Allegra Edwards (New Girl, Briarpatch), Andy Allo (Pitch Perfect 3, Chicago Fire), Zainab Johnson (History of Swear Words, 100 Humans), Owen Daniels (Space Force, The Office), and Kevin Bigley (Scream Queens, Stretch).

In Conclusion

Watch this, it’s pretty darn good: I was hoping for more comedy but it’s a great show and I will definitely be watching any future series they might produce (there better be more!). When you realise the layers and possibilities of this show you can’t stop watching to see what happens. And it’s super easy to watch both seasons in one long binge.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.