Privacy Policy


Kate Trinity is not interested in holding your information hostage. We like that you like reading the stuff that we post. And think you’re brilliant for not wanting to miss anything and trusting us with your email. So, we promise not to sell, share, or trade your information – because that would be a dick move.

And the only information we collect is your email – we don’t even ask for your name!


Man, I love cookies and there are a few scattered around the site, click on any underlined company to find out how they use cookies. WordPress, Social Media [Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+], Google Adsense and Amazon, all use cookies on this site. And although we do use Google Analytics, a third-party service, all that is collected is standard internet log information and visitor behaviour patterns. Because we need to know we’re not just screaming into the void. It does not identify you and cannot collect information about who you are from us.

Your Email

Is collected and stored by third-party applications Sumo and MailChimp -click on their names to read their privacy notices. Are they as good as mine? No, I didn’t think so.

We use your email to send weekly roundup emails with the latest blog posts and very occasional emails about changes to the website or those required by law. MailChimp logs open rate and clicks and the date you subscribed is recorded.

You can also subscribe or comment through once you have set up an account with them. Subscribers through WordPress are sent emails whenever a new post is published.

You can unsubscribe at any time from the link at the bottom of any emails we’ve sent to you. Your email will be removed from the list and you will no longer be contacted. Ever.

Comments on posts use Gravatar and will show the information you use i.e. email, website, name, but does not sign you up for emails. This information is never used for anything else.

Access to your information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Email your request to Catherine Hewitt at [email protected] 

This policy will be reviewed every six months and updated [as necessary]

In effect from 23/05/2018