Friday: The Day I Realised I would have to Save Myself by Desy Melza

With the chip permanently implanted in her brain Bliss Cardigan is on the run. She can’t stay in the City and she doesn’t know how to survive in Neversee – the place beyond the City Wall.

With boots that aren’t hers, no knowledge of how to hunt for food, and only the chip to guide her; she must make it through the mountains in the snow. Walter Ounce will send his army after her to retrieve the chip. He’s spent his entire career trying to find the perfect host to create an army of drones. Putting the chip in Bliss Cardigan’s brain was his first mistake, letting her escape was his second. He doesn’t intend to make another.

Can Bliss get to safety before Walter catches up with her?

Desy Melza

Bliss was created with the intention of taking someone out of their perfectly ordinary, comfortable, life and throwing them into chaos and seeing how they coped. She does rather well for someone who has never been out of the city walls.

Desy Melza is the Sci-Fi pen name of the creator of Pentickle. A writer, copywriter, and scriptwriter.

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