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The stunts that went wrong from the worlds most renowned magicians have been the basis for many movies and television shows. Death by Magic aims to look at more than one, the history, how they worked, and what went wrong. Before attempting to recreate them and survive. 

Death by Magic | Netflix Original

Eight episodes of death-defying magic. As Magician Drummond Money-Coutts travels the world sharing his magic and recreating the stunts that ended in tragedy for other magicians. From Africa, where there is an actual college of magic and he attempts to escape from a box as a train hurtles towards it. To Miami, to Detroit, to London, to Las Vegas, to India, to Edinbrough, to Los Angeles.

When Drummond Money-Coutts’ father took him to an old magic store beneath the vaults of Coutts & Co. in London where he discovered an interest in the performance of magic. And although when he finished his education he tried to enter the family business he soon ran away to India to pursue his dream of magic. Eventually debuting on television for National Geographic in Card Shark. And now he’s on Netflix with Death by Magic.

Death by Magic Review

Death by Magic Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Watching the first episode and I yelled ‘ass-hole’ at him and I knew it was going to be an amazing series! Some tricks you see how it’s done and others you’re left in the dark. I may have to try that candle trick later. The reactions from those involved are intense, the preparation is necessary, and the results are extraordinary. 

5 Stars

Don’t take your eyes from the screen, there’s always something happening. You’re going to need something you don’t need to think about as you eat it. 

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