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You will Kneel

There’s something about four British chaps hiking in Sweden, on a wet and soggy day, politely snipping at each other. The Ritual could have been set on the Yorkshire Moors – it was like they didn’t go on holiday at all ?

Ah well, at least they had each other.

The Ritual

A group of friends reunite for a hiking trip, minus one, but when one of them is injured they decide to take a shortcut through the forest and encounter a menacing presence.

Starring  Rafe Spall (Hot Fuzz, Life of Pi)Arsher Ali (Line of Duty, The Missing)Robert James-Collier (Downton Abbey, The Level), Sam Troughton (Robin Hood, AVP: Alien vs. Predator), and Paul Reid (Vikings, Boy Eats Girl).

The Ritual

The Ritual Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – The Ritual was a good film. I’m not sure it quite lived up to the hype but it was a good film. It was fun to see a British cast getting into so much trouble.

4 stars 

When to watch it: Home, alone, in the dark (or maybe on a projector screen in a field surrounded by pine trees), on a cold, dreary night. When the wind is howling down the chimney, things keep hitting your window, and a peculiar fog is rolling in.

What to watch it with: a large bag of crisps and a large bottle of pop – you’re not going to want to pause this one once you get into it.

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