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So this is what the babysitter does when you’re out and the kids asleep!

The Babysitter is Netflix’s latest original movie – just in time for Halloween. One of the few kids his age still required to have a babysitter, Cole’s parents take a little trip and bring in his regular babysitter. She’s cool, sexy, and way more fun than most babysitters – Cole is in love. But after a conversation with his friend across the street he decides to stay up past his bedtime and see what the babysitter really does when he’s asleep. It’s not at all what he’s expecting. And it isn’t long before he’s desperately trying to escape.

Starring  Bella Thorne (Amityville: The Awakening, Scream), Samara Weaving (Monster Trucks, Ash vs Evil Dead)Leslie Bibb (To The Bone, Iron Man), Robbie Amell (The X-Files, The Flash), Judah Lewis (Demolition, Game of Silence), directed by McG (Supernatural, Nikita, Chuck), and written by  Brian Duffield (Insurgent, Jane got a Gun). 

I remember when I used to babysit **spoilers ahead**

But I don’t remember inviting boyfriends or cult members over. And I definitely never felt the need to take the kids blood for a ritual.

This is a really cool film, with great acting and lot of funny moments. It’s eighties movie escape from the bad guys fun that turns the overly protected kid into the hero kid. There’s blood, there’s gore, there’s explosions, there’s a strange moment in a hotel room.

The Babysitter
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The Babysitter Review Conclusion

I’ll watch it again – The Babysitter was a pretty decent flick. A hint of late eighties early nineties horror added to the great acting and crazy escape attempts. I will definitely be watching it again.

4 stars 

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