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Recently arrived on Netflix, The Hole in the Ground is an Irish Horror that takes you away from the cities and towns and towards a quieter life. Directed by Lee Cronin, the movie uses a mother’s fears and the difficulty she has convincing others of them to add an extra layer to this isolated horror.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

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After escaping her broken past to find a new start,, a young mother moves to the countryside with her son. His increasingly disturbing behaviour seems to have only one source -the sinkhole in the forest behind their house.

Starring Seána Kerslake (Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, Dollhouse), James Quinn Markey (Vikings, Mother’s Day), Kati Outinen (Dark Crimes, The Bank), David Crowley (Ripper Street, The Professor and the Madman), Simone Kirby ( Alice Through the Looking Glass, Peaky Blinders), and James Cosmo (His Dark Materials, Chernobyl).

The Hole in the Ground Review

The Hole in the Ground Review Conclusion

I probably wouldn’t watch it again – This movie was a little slow for me and not suspenseful enough to justify it. I enjoyed it but it isn’t really a watch more than once kinda movie. With some fab acting and brilliant -I want to say effects but I think I mean- stunt work this movie didn’t hold back whilst retaining a subtlety. The creepiest part for me, however, was the way the soil moved, I have no idea why that is but it was freaky. Peppered with suspicion you get a real feeling of distrust for just about everyone and at one point even the woods themselves. It’s worth a watch.

3.5 Stars

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