Put A Finger Down | KT Short

Well, my twisted brain decided this needed doing (I’m sure someone else has had similar thoughts or has already done something like it). If it stays up I may do more (I saved the original without the water mark, just in case). Inspiration comes from the strangest places.


Couldn’t resist making this short twist on the popular tiktok trend. I’ll post the vid on how I made the fake fingers and maybe a get film ready with me video later in the week.

♬ original sound – Put A Finger Down..

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A certain werewolf movie from long ago gave me this fear, a werewolf movie that brought them very close to home. I can watch any other werewolf movie with no problem at all, and I’d love a print of a werewolf in uniform (like the ones of animals in clothing) but I’ve never seen a werewolf picture that didn’t resemble a regular wolf just a tad too much -know what I mean?

♬ original sound – K.T.McQueen