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One of the first to go into production after the coronavirus lockdowns, ITV is filming it’s new drama, Viewpoint, in Manchester. With Noel Clarke Headlining as DC Martin King and co-created by Manhunt writer Ed Whitmore, this new detective series is one to keep an eye out for. And as soon as I know dates for release, I will update this post.

You might remember Noel Clarke from Bulletproof, Adulthood, Mute, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. But who could ever forget him as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who?

He is being joined by:

  • Catherine Tyldesley
  • Bronagh Waugh also to appear in the new series of Strike, and most recently in Midsomer Murders
  • Sarah Niles
  • Shannon Murray
  • Phil Davis who you might remember from Whitechapel
  • Ian Puleston-Davies from Tin Star
  • Dominic Allburn
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Carlyss Peer
  • Erin Shanagher¬†who you’ll be familiar with if you’re a Peaky Blinders fan


DC Martin King sets up an observation post in the home of a single mother with views over Westbury Square. Allowing the detective to keep an eye on the home of a school teacher who seemed to vanish into thin air. She shared her home with their prime suspect, her boyfriend. But the detective has his own issues and he starts to question the validity of what he sees with his own eyes.

I think it’s one to keep an eye out for, not just a crime drama but a story about friendships and relationships that promises to keep us enthralled for it’s short 5 episode run.

camera surveillance depiction 
news about the ITV series Viewpoint

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Hired by a victim’s affluent father, a conflicted fixer must make a resurfaced serial killer her prey.

Kayla is a fixer with a past she can’t fix. Her biggest client, Mr King, is a very rich businessman with shady connections. His daughter is the only surviving victim of the serial killer, Phi-Xi, who was never caught.

Phi-Xi, has resurfaced and Mr King wants him to pay. Which means Kayla has to investigate the same murder scenes as her police officer ex, Cosh, who is eager to catch the serial killer his dead Uncle couldn’t.

Phi-Xi, on the other hand, is living his perfect life, beautiful wife, beautiful home, cushy well paying job, and a nice hobby to keep him entertained as he runs rings around the police.

When Kayla finally puts the pieces together she must leave the police in her wake as she rushes to do what she’s paid to do before Phi-Xi vanishes again.