Kate on Romantic Relationships with Family.

I suspect you are wondering why I am doing a blog on this subject, the truth is it comes up in my novel but in a very small way and I thought that it was worth looking into.

I have not looked into this subject before and I was intrigued by what the law might say on such a thing. It did, however, come up a number of times whilst I was researching couples who murder so I decided that a little further investigation into it was needed.

I have only looked at the laws in America and the United Kingdom and I realise that not all countries are the same.

In the UK you cannot marry your grandparents or parents, uncles or aunts, adoptive parents, siblings or offspring, nieces or nephews or grandchildren, it is however acceptable to marry your cousin.

In America the law differs between states and there are 19 states that will allow marriages between first cousins and a further four states that will allow marriages between cousins under special circumstances.

The advice in both countries is to talk to a doctor about the genetics because of possible risks to any offspring of such a union. There are some hereditary conditions that are slightly more likely if children are produced from a smaller gene pool.

There are laws against incest also and these again differ from country to country and state to state, they are difficult laws to enforce though as most relationships are conducted in private.

As previously mentioned this is only a very small part of the story but I thought it interesting enough to look into because sometimes it’s the little things that explain the big things.

For my next blog I intend to write about the ways that have been used to dispose of bodies, it should be an interesting one!

And keep an eye out for “Becoming Whispers” a short story that I have written as a teaser to the novel “Whispers on the Hill” which will be available just as soon as I finish editing.

Kate xxx