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Do you know, I’ve heard some stuff about this movie. People who didn’t like that it was called Leatherface, others that didn’t think there ought to be another one, and still more who enjoyed it – ‘opinions vary’ as Dalton said in Roadhouse. With an international release in September 2017, it made $887,540 at the box office. This is what I thought of it…

Leatherface – Horror Movie

Whilst escaping from a Texas Mental Institution a violent teen and three others kidnap a young nurse. The disturbed young man goes on a murderous rampage that will one day shape him into the legendary killer known as Leatherface, whilst being pursued by a vengeful sheriff.

Starring  Stephen Dorff (True Detective S3, Immortals)Lili Taylor (American Crime, The Conjuring)Sam Strike (Timeless, Mindhunter), Vanessa Grasse (Roboshark, Astral), Finn Jones (Iron Fist, Game of Thrones), and Sam Coleman (Game of Thrones, Lords of Chaos).


Leatherface Review Conclusion

I would watch it again: – Yeah, I don’t know…three of em inside a cow? seems like it would be a tight squeeze to me. Plenty of gore, a reasonable amount of creepy, and a splash of tender loving care make up Leatherface. Enjoyable if a little obvious in places. Currently available on Netflix UK.

4 stars 


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