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Encountering Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Conjuring is filled with suspense and trepidation. You never quite know when something is going to appear. But the build-up is the same whether it does or not. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated many cases of the paranormal and that opens up the options for future films and more spin-offs. The third Conjuring film is already in development.

In the upcoming third instalment, Ed and Lorraine head to 1980’s London to investigate a man who is being possessed by a demon of a werewolf. Although James Wan is likely to be producing rather than directing this movie due to his Aquaman commitments.

It’s been so long since I watched The Conjuring and I had forgotten about the intro Annabell part. I’d also forgotten about a few of the scares too, so they got me again. Love these movies and can’t wait for the third.

The Conjuring

Based on the real-life investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and set in 1971, the couple tries to help a family terrorised by dark spirits in their dilapidated farmhouse.

Directed by James Wan and starring  Patrick Wilson (Insidious, The Hollow Point)Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel, Philip K. Dick’s Electric DreamsRon Livingston (Shimmer Lake, Lucky), Lili Taylor (American Crime, Hemlock Grove), Shanley Caswell (NCIS: New Orleans, Detention), and Hayley McFarland (Sons of Anarchy, Lie to Me).

The Conjuring, Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Conjuring Review Conclusion

I would and have watched it again – I love The Conjuring, and I love Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren. It’s a great combination. James Wan is particularly good at suspense and horror and I hope he does more.

4.5 stars 

When to watch it: Alone in the dark, late at night. When you think you’re safe because it’s your house and you’re used to being in there alone. You’ve done it before, loads of times.

What to watch it with: Pancakes perhaps? Nice cups of tea in old-fashioned cups. Whatever you eat and drink, make sure you’re not wearing a top you want to wear again tomorrow.

The Conjuring Franchise Movies
  • The Conjuring -2013
  • The Conjuring 2 -2016
  • The Nun -2018
  • The Crooked Man – Unknown
  • Annabell -2014
  • Annabell: Creation
  • The Conjuring 3 – in development

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