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Not the Teeth I was Expecting

I had seen nothing at all about this movie when it turned up on my Netflix, or at least if I had I couldn’t remember it. But it intrigued me, and so Family Blood became yesterday’s Sunday afternoon movie. And I’m glad I put it on.

It starts out with the usual family problems when facing a new city, fights at school, fitting in, new jobs, arguments and moodiness. But slides into something much darker when an unexpected acquaintance steps into to help the mother with her problems.

Family Blood

Having just moved to a new city with her two children, recovering drug addict Ellie has to go through the telling people her story again at the local addict meeting sessions. But when she slips an unexpected friend helps her out and changes everything. Including her addictions.

Starring  Vinessa Shaw (3:10 to Yuma, Ray Donovan)James Ransone (Sinister, In a Valley of Violence)Colin Ford (Under the Dome, Supernatural), Eloise Lushina, and Ajiona Alexus (13 Reasons Why, Empire).

Family Blood
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Family Blood Review Conclusion

Yeah, I would watch it again – Family Blood is not the fastest paced movie but it has plenty of bloody bits. And as far as vampire movies go it was a little different. I loved how the usual rules didn’t apply, that everything about them wasn’t fascinating and sparkly. And the change in the mum was brilliant, subtly building over time.

4 stars 


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