True Story: The 300-Year-Old Werewolf

Young Love

Falling in love with the much older Steinke, Jasmine adopted his gothic lifestyle and dress. And at twelve years old she was already planning the murder of her parents, with the help of her werewolf boyfriend.

Her parents were not in favour of the relationship, punishing Jasmine for seeing Jeremy. And at almost twice her age it would be an understandable reaction for most parents. But Jasmine loved him and wanted to be with him. And so she hatched a plan.


The Crime

In April 2006, the bodies of Jasmine Robertson’s parents were found brutally murdered in the basement of their home. Her younger brother also dead on the bed upstairs.

The attack was brutal, the perpetrators had broken in through a basement window and attacked Jasmine’s mother first. Her father fought back, injuring Steinke, but was no match in the end and succumbed to his injuries. Finally, they came to her brother, believing it cruel to leave him alive after killing his parents, they stabbed him in the chest and slit his throat. The police, at that time, had no idea where Jasmine was and concern grew for her safety.

The police put out an Amber Alert for Jasmine, but as they searched the crime scene they uncovered evidence that suggested Jasmine might not be the fourth victim after all.

With writings, drawings, and online conversations recovered from her room and school, the detectives had to conclude that she was a suspect. And the nature of their search for her changed.

Jeremy Steinke – the 300-Year-Old Werewolf

Born in 1983 and living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Jeremy was a self-proclaimed werewolf. Wearing a vile of blood around his neck and confessing to liking the taste of blood to his friends, he dressed as a Goth. He enjoyed movies and music, meeting Jasmine at a Punk Rock Concert in 2006. And finding inspiration for how to commit the murders after watching Natural Born Killers with his friends. He went on to confess to an undercover cop (amongst other things):

 ‘… I think that’s the best love story of all time…’ – Steinke

For his part in the murders, he was sentenced in 2008 to three life sentences each for first-degree murder.

Jasmine Richardson was sentenced to the maximum allowed for a juvenile – ten years. Four of which would be served in a psychiatric unit, the aim of the courts being to rehabilitate young offenders. Jasmine has now served her sentence.

An interesting Documentary

Whilst researching the case I came across this documentary if you’d like to learn more:

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