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Winner of Best Feature at New Jersey Horror Con and Reels of the Dead Atlanta, Theresa & Allison is a gritty vampire movie to keep your eye out for.

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Directed by Jeremiah Kipp and written and produced by Charles D. Lincoln, this dark, gritty vampire film gives us a taste of 70s cinema and is Jeremiah’s most extreme film to date.

After a one night stand turns disastrous, Theresa finds herself drawn into a world of inhuman savagery, all the while tempted by the beautiful and immortal Allison.

Starring Arielle Hope (Carbon Copy, Mr. Jack), Sarah Schoofs (Audition, Black Wake), Alyson Danielczuk (6ft Above Sea Level, Guide 2 Hollywood), Charles D. Lincoln (21st Century Demon Hunter, M Is for Monotheist), Alexander Frantsevich (The Assignment: A Theresa & Allison Side Story), and Jennie Sedlacek (Hungry Games, The Big Dick Mike Show).

Theresa & Allison Review

Theresa & Allison Review Conclusion

I would watch again:- It’s gotta be hard discovering after a drunken night out you’re a vampire. Especially when you have no idea what that really means. Which myths are true, which are false, and what other supernatural creatures you might encounter? Don’t worry, there’s probably a booklet or form for that. But be sure to read it carefully, there are rules. Bloody, gory, with sex and nudity, this film could be just what you’re looking for -so long as you’re not looking for a quick fix, this movie is two hours long.

A fun, twisted, vampire movie with characters you’ll want to know more about, following a new vampire as she learns just what that means and deals with the trauma of what she now must do to survive. Of course, there’s always more than one way and more than one older vampire who would like to guide you.

4 Stars

You can find out more on the Theresa & Allison official website, on Instagram @theresaandallison , Twitter @TheresaNAllison, and on Facebook.

Theresa & Allison Review

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