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Not one movie – but a whole executioners bucket full

Shudder is now available in the UK , and I’m so glad, because my American friends have been telling me about it for a while now! There’s still time to sign up for early access (and an extra long free trial) – I’ve been hunting through the titles ever since I got my invite. As a result I’ve watched a few horror movies recently, and whilst I was going to review Blair witch 2 (so I could point out that Michael Weston from Burn Notice is in it and which I watched yesterday on Shudder) I figured I’d do the whole site! Just in case you were considering taking the plunge into Shudder’s dark waters.

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Shudder your way through the night

There’s a whole host of movies to choose from, and if you can’t decide, just watch Shudder.TV which plays movies 24/7. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood for something from the crypt -like I Vampiri– or something more recent -like The Canal– Shudder have got you covered. Every month they add more movies, so there’ll always be something new to watch. And they’ll accept title suggestions – so if there’s one you want but can’t find, you can suggest they add it.


In the collections section the movies are put into, well, collections. You have everything from monster movies, to snow movies, to slasher, to weird science – and just about everything in between. But, I’m sad to say, there isn’t a western horror collection (and so far I haven’t found any western horror movies) but I’m sure one will crawl out eventually, I haven’t seen them all yet.


Or you can simply browse through all of the movies, choose to list them in alphabetical order or by just released, and filter your search by genre or monster. It’s also possible to search for specific movies, if you were in the mood for something particular, by clicking on the little magnifying glass in the top right hand corner.

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Want to see what Shudder has to offer, for yourself?

Sign up (with your email) here and wait for a message from them. Then create your account, put in the code you’re sent, and start exploring.

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