Pig! -When Wine Makes You Cry | KT Review

Wasn’t sure I was gonna watch this one, I mean, it looked good and the reviews were mostly favourable but I wasn’t at all sure what it was about. I thought I was about to watch a movie where a nice quite man had his pig stolen and was gonna go on a rampage to get it back. Spoilers ahead!

Image of truffle being sliced -Pig Movie Review


When a remote truffle hunter’s pig is pignapped he begins the journey back to his old life in the city, to dig up contacts who might have a lead on his pig.

Starring Nicolas Cage (Looking Glass, Mom and Dad), Alex Wolff (Hereditary, My Friend Dahmer), Adam Arkin (Justified, Santa Clarita Diet), Cassandra Violet, Elijah Ungvary (What Happened to Monday, Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire), and Julia Bray (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Same Same).

Review Conclusion

I would totally watch it again! It’s not a fast movie but it is engrossing, and you’re watching constantly wondering what wild things he’s gonna do to get the pig back. The slow revelation that he was someone people knew and owed favours to. And then that cooking scene, so weirdly out of place and yet totally where it should be. Brilliant film that played with your expectations wonderfully. Worth a watch.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

And as for what I ate whilst watching…

It certainly wasn’t pig! I really didn’t feel the need to get off the couch for anything to eat during this one, in fact, I couldn’t even pause it to nip to the shop when I ran out of coffee. So if you plan on eating or snacking during this movie make sure you set all that up before you press play, and don’t set anything cooking with the intention of pausing the movie to go see to it. This isn’t the pausable kinda movie. If you’re gonna have anything have something you can eat quietly, crunching is just going to spoil this one for you 😉