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So…this is a movie about a woman reading a manuscript?

Nocturnal Animals stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon. Adams plays an art gallery owner who receives a manuscript from her ex husband. Interpreting the novel as an act of revenge. The novel itself is about a family holiday that goes wrong late one night on an almost empty highway. And the father’s attempts to help the police find the killers of his wife and daughter and get revenge. Both stories play out through the movie.

I was really looking forward to this. And, whilst it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t the most involving movie. It was easy to get up and go do other stuff in the middle of it, or check my phone and forget I was watching it.

I loved the idea but it just didn’t get as dark as I was hoping it would. Essentially it was a movie about a couple who broke up, she chose to have an abortion and move on with her life with a new man, and the first bloke gets revenge by writing a story. Then not meeting her for dinner. And yet the story in the manuscript seemed like it could have legs as a movie in it’s own right.

Nocturnal Animals
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Nocturnal Animals Review Conclusion

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll watch this again – Nocturnal Animals was less than the trailer made it out to be. I was expecting something dark and deep. But it was more like an art piece – long trailing scenes of people looking off into their memories. I liked the story in itself – or maybe I liked the story within the story and I’m not entirely sure why that just couldn’t be the movie.

3.5 stars 

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