The Demon That Began My Journey

It Is The Demon In Me That Convinced Me To Write A Novel

Falling into darkness is the the only way I can describe it. I was fine and then I wasn’t – or at least that’s what I’d thought. Turns out I’d just been burying the problems deep down inside. It’s a demon that doesn’t like being caged. And it did it’s best to break free.

Then one day it finally did.

It took me on a strange and unusual journey – of which I was simply a passenger trying to get off, refund my ticket, change routes – but all the doors were locked, all the windows barred, and no conductor walked the isles.

Strange people stared in through the windows as we passed. People who I had once known but who now seemed like distant memories. Concerned, unconcerned, apathetic.

This demon liked to torment me with things I couldn’t cope with. Make me remember stupid things I’d done. Make me have nightmares that woke me screaming repeatedly. Nightmares unlike any I’d ever had before. Nightmares about the end of the world.

And just as I thought I was gaining control of the demon, repossessing my own body, it changed. It saw what I was doing and changed tact’s.

But it’s a demon, and demons can be bound. Demons can be used to do your bidding. Demons can be summoned and commanded.

And I never liked being out of control.

I put the demon to work. Wove it into a story, made it come to life. Came to understand it. Like it even.

For it had come to me with a purpose. To elicit change. A change I had been ignoring needed to be done.

And so Deanna was born. The girl with the blood of demons running through her veins. The girl who would have to one day decide whether to save the world or let it destroy itself. A girl thinking only of which college course to take and whether her illness would finally get better.

A girl whose whole world would seem to change in one day, despite the many clues the universe offered her.

I put a little of my demon in this book – in every book I write. Piece by piece I distribute it through the pages. I take away it’s power whilst ensuring it will live on forever. In a cage. Of my design.

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The first of three books telling Deanna’s story. Witches and Demons, Angels, Gods, and the underworld. Few days are ordinary when you’re a descendant of this bloodline. College will just have to wait.

Kate xxx

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