I Am Mother -When Life is Extinct The Robots Bring Us Back | KT Review

Somewhere in the future an Extinction event has wiped out all humans, I Am Mother, a robot uses saved embryos to rebuild the human race. But with very specific perimeters and a particular design in mind. Robots teaching humans to be better humans.

Mother’s teenage daughter seems happy with her routine, her lessons, and her TV shows. Even birthdays are fun, but it isn’t long before a stranger turns up from the outside where Daughter had been led to believe no-one survived.

A Netflix Original

Raised underground in a safe bunker by a kindly robot named Mother, designed to repopulate the world after an extinction event, a teenage girl’s bond with Mother is threatened when a stranger arrives seeking help. Can she provide the help needed without threatening her own existence?

Starring Luke Hawker (King Kong, Spectral), Rose Byrne as the voice of Mother (Spy, Insidious), Tahlia Sturzaker, Clara Rugaard (Still Star-Crossed, Teen Spirit), and Hilary Swank (The Homesman, Million Dollar Baby).

I Am Mother Review

I Am Mother Review Conclusion

I probably won’t watch again:- I Am Mother was an interesting idea, the design was perfect but the story felt gentle. An enjoyable watch and I loved mother’s voice, the acting was great but I wasn’t as pulled in as I would have liked. The effects were brilliant, warming pads on the robot to keep baby comfortable, plentiful meals, and everything a growing kid could want-except friendship and the ability to go outside.

3.5 Stars

Whilst watching I enjoyed a large bag of Sweet and Salty popcorn and a few squares of chocolate. However, a microwave dinner wouldn’t go amiss whilst watching this film.

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