Ghost Towns Made for the Movies

Ghost Towns

It always surprises me just how many ghost towns there are, from abandoned movie sets to places people once lived. Some were thriving communities whilst others sprung up to fulfil a need and the inhabitants moved on when that need was no longer required.

And one of my favourites is Cerro Gordo, a mining town in the Californian hills that was bought fairly recently, and the towns one resident (not counting the goats and kittens) shares his life, experiences, renovations and explorations weekly on youtube. And I am loving watching the series and hope to visit one day when they’re done renovating. If you’re into ghost towns or even just renovation, check out Ghost Town Living.

Ghost Towns in the Movies

The appeal of filming in a ghost town, just for the atmosphere alone, must be appealing to many film-makers. A set already in an ideal location, with buildings, and limited vehicle traffic, must be a draw. Although I suspect it has it’s downsides too.

Tabernas Desert, Almeria, Spain

These abandoned movie sets in Spain bring back memories of weekends at my Grandparents house, where I’d lay in front of the fire, my head resting on a beaded leather Pouffe, watching every western the television could show.

ghost towns
via The Daily Mail

Grafton, Utah

Once the movie setting for one of my favourite westerns – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – in an amazing location.

ghost towns
via The Huffington Post

The Historic Village at Johnsonville in East Haddam, Connecticut

A pretty little village with several empty houses, abandoned and in need of a new life. It would be a shame to lose it’s charms to a complete redevelopment, but a number of buyers have fallen at the last hurdle and this village is still on the market – and looking for its forever owner.

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via Figure Eight Properties

Swett, South Dakota

Small at six acres this town has it’s own Tavern, as well as other buildings and caravans. Not entirely an old west ghost town but still with possibilities.

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via CNN Money

Uptop, Colorado 

Or perhaps this once bustling town, with old homes that have been updated with modern amenities. Currently for sale on Sotheby’s for a cool $1,500,000 USD

ghost towns

So whether you’re looking for a movie set or a place to lay your hat, there are ghost towns aplenty just waiting for discovery and exploration. Perhaps even with a few ghosts still hanging around.