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Derren Brown, star of stage and screen, has been regaling us with his mind tricks for years. Even being responsible for a particularly scary ride called Ghost Train at Thorpe Park. But this time the star brings us something a little different. It’s still an experiment. It’s still based in our everyday world. But it’s a big ask that not many of us would do willingly. This time he’s going to convince an ordinary guy to take a bullet for a stranger. 

Derren Brown Sacrifice 

In this psychological experiment, Derren Brown attempts to manipulate an ordinary person into taking a bullet for a stranger. 

Derren Brown is a British, star of stage and screen, mentalist and illusionist. If you’ve already seen Miracle and Push (both available on Netflix), or maybe even Trick or Treat from Channel 4 or the attempted assassination of Stephen Fry, you’ll have some idea what you’re in for. If you haven’t, well, this will be a good one to wet your feet with. 

Derren Brown Sacrifice Review Conclusion

I would watch it again (I say this of my own volition) – It’s fascinating to watch the changes occur. Simple things that change how he approaches his fears, using an app and a simple gesture. And watching the frustration Derren experiences when things aren’t quite going to plan. But the change after he goes home is the most amazing. Although, still not entirely going to plan the test continues – without the subjects knowledge. And it’s just a little bit tear inducing.

4 Stars

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