Kate Reviews: Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens

Set in 1873 and starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde. Cowboys & Aliens is the story of an unwelcome stranger, with no memory of why or how he got there, in the town of Absolution who leads a posse against invaders. The invaders are from outer space and invade in their ships on a town with none of the technology they posses. The unwelcome stranger, however, begins to remember who he is and why he’s there.

I was a little disappointed to discover Daniel Craig has a horse riding stunt double. However it was a good story with some amazing scenes. Sometimes it felt like the alien genre got away from the western. And for a place supposedly under attack from aliens, that were whisking people away, it got awful crowded on occasion. Nothing like a good alien invasion to bring warring people together. And they did explode nicely.

Whilst I can’t say with any kind of clarity what the purpose of the alien abductions were exactly I don’t suppose it really matters. I particularly enjoyed the moment the alien recognized Daniel Craig’s character and was like ‘look what you did to my face!’ during the rescue.

And with everyone safe, happy, rebuilding, and washed, the hero rides off into – well- the afternoon.

cowboys & aliens
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Cowboys & Aliens Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – this movie was not what I was expecting, or as good as I hoped. It felt like a movie of two halves – the western half and the alien half. But saying that, I would probably watch it again, if there was nothing better on.

3 stars 

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