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Whitechapel on Netflix

Starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis, and Steve Pemberton. Whitechapel in London is the setting for this 2008 series. Most people know Whitechapel in association with Jack the Ripper. This dark detective thriller gives a modern taste of the Ripper Murders. An Inspector, a Detective Sargent, and a historical homicides author, try to find out who is reenacting the Jack the Riper murders.

Pleased to discover all four seasons on Netflix as I really enjoyed it when it was on TV. It’s a mixture of cases from the past – beginning with Jack the Ripper and moving on to other historical crimes. A small team that don’t always work well together are trying to get to grips with their new Inspector. In the first season they’re all colliding whilst trying to get things done, so there’s lots of disagreements. In later seasons the dynamic changes and other things about each character begin to come to light.

Love how different this is to most TV crime dramas

Their headquarters are in an old building which adds to the dark atmosphere and they don’t hold back on the grizzly bits. They even used real offal in the first series! It’s not a regular police set up, it’s not Homeland or Spooks, and you’re not watching Bobbies on the beat. It’s a series that takes old cases -many of which you will recognise- and puts them into a modern London. Albeit a darker modern London – like looking at 2008 London through a 1800s filter.

If you don’t have Netflix you can grab the first season on Amazon.

I’ve watched it again – Although a modern day police station, in some people’s opinions, would be computerised, I really don’t care. They’re having conversations, using the computers only as back up, and looking at the evidence to work things out. The characters have individual nuances and even the team are all obviously and part of the story. Unlike some shows, where there’s a handful of main characters. And a bunch of similarly dressed backup characters, who never have names but always seem busy and helpful. Look, I like it. Go watch it.

5 stars 

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