What Would Men Do Without Women? | Sleeping Beauties

Well, I suspect, many would say they wouldn’t worry about all the little things that need doing. But I, for one, hope they would be a little respectful of the Sleeping Beauties rest, and try not to wake her. Let her sleep, let her rest. Because horrible things happen when you wake a woman from a deep sleep. Terrible things.

And AMC are looking to turn this idea into an open ended series with Owen King writing the pilot script.

Sleeping Beauties by Owen King & Stephen King

In a small town in West Virginia, where a woman’s prison is the top employer, a virus spreads through the population. Sending women into a deep sleep. All except one -but is she a medical anomaly or demon.

All around the world women are falling asleep. And as they sleep a cocoon-like substance enshrouds them. But you mustn’t disturb them, if you do the women inside become feral and violent.

And the men? Well, they become more and more primal and fight amongst themselves, as the towns female Sheriff is fights to stay awake.

Sleeping Beauties becoming a series

An Open Ended Series

Stephen King and Owen King wrote the bestselling novel Sleeping Beauties as a duo but it’s Owen King who will be penning the pilot episode script for the series. AMC has made a commitment to Owen for the pilot episode and hopes to create an open-ended series with executive producers Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta.

Owen and Stephen King found the perfect canvas to tell a haunting and gripping story that sparks a relevant conversation about gender equality and individuality,

Ashley Zalta, Sugar 23’s Head of Production and EP. Deadline

Filled with mystery and the scares you’d expect from the Kings, we can only wait for further developments and hope that the series is as enthralling as the book.