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Are you excited by all the hype? Well, unfortunately, there is currently no release date for What We Do in the Shadows for the UK. Because, whilst the series will begin on FX in the US this week (March 27th), the BBC, who will air it in the UK, haven’t yet announced a show date. Still, the movie is good enough to watch again and again so there’s no reason to be left out completely this week.

What We Do In The Shadows Movie Review

Three Vampires, Viago, Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor: Ragnarok), Deacon, Jonny Brugh (Mega Time Squad, The Jaquie Brown Diaries), and Vladislav, Jamaine Clement (Men in Black 3, Legion) flat sharing in modern day is a recipe for unpaid bills and unwashed dishes.

They are not good at doing chores or finding food without the help of their human familiar, Jackie van Beek (The Breaker Upperers, 800 words), and for some inexplicable reason (maybe for money?) they allow a documentary crew into their place to follow them around. Of course, they try to carry on as if the cameras aren’t there but you know they’re playing for them.

You have to wonder why a group of vampires so out of their natural time haven’t managed to integrate better with society. I mean, what do they live on, the spoils of wars long since fought? And then there’s the basement dweller, I’m sure he has no idea what century it even is.

what we do in the shadows review

What We Do In The Shadows Review Conclusion

I have watched it more than once already:– The idea of a documentary camera crew brave enough to follow around a nest of dangerous vampires as they navigate the modern world is brilliant. They don’t sparkle, unless you count their nights out on the town trying to get invited into clubs. But they do talk a lot. The things that have changed and changed them. Where they hope to be in the future and what they really think of the humans that come around. Plus there’s that whole werewolf thing. It’s a hilarious comedy that gives you a window into the lives of ancient creatures abile to give you immortal life, if they think you’re worth it.

4.5 Stars

The Series

What We Do in the Shadows series begins on FX on the 27th March at 9 pm in the US. But as per usual we Brit’s are left behind. We get to watch all the trailers and excitement leading up to it without the climax of actually getting to see the show. We gotta wait. The BBC has acquired the series as part of a deal with FX. Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long and we’ll get to see it soon. I’ll update this page when I have the details.

The What We Do in the Shadows series promises a look into the nightly lives of a group of vampires who have lived together for over a hundred years. These vampires reside in New York. Unlike those in the movie who were located in New Zealand, and it’s clear that there are many such nests around the world. And we get a ten episode look into their unusual lives.

Starring Kayvan Novak (Four Lions, Facejacker), Harvey Guillén (Eye Candy, The Internship), Natasia Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats, The Festival), Matt Berry (Toast of London, The IT Crowd), and Mark Proksch (The Office, Better Call Saul).

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