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Finally got to see the whole series!

And I couldn’t stop watching so I had to do a Westworld Review. Westworld is a TV series inspired by the original 1973 film. A theme park, set in the future, where you can experience life in a different time without the problems of injury or death. The further out from the main town you go the more complex and dangerous the game gets. Like any good theme park, its populated by in character players. Only these players are all robots who reset each day. They are programmed to interact with the guests to create the stories the guests want to follow.

Sounds perfect when you think of all the horses and cowboy boots. The potential for intimate encounters that stop once you leave the park, drinking whisky in the bar, or simply taking a picnic by the river. All without the interference of any modern day electronical devices. (I probably just made that word up but I like it so it’s staying.)

Of course once the robots start remembering things, start to learn -or manipulate people into changing their programming- the whole ‘oh it’s a nice safe place for a holiday’ thing goes the way of the tumbleweed. And there were one or two robots I wasn’t expecting to be robots at all.

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Westworld review

Westworld Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again & any more seasons they care to add– I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite there being one or two moments where I thought I’d missed something. And a few moments where I had to remind myself that even the horses were robots.  I hope there’s a second season and look forward to seeing where the story could go from where it ended.

4 stars 

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