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There’s been some buzz about Velvet Buzzsaw and I figured I’d give it a watch. I can see the appeal of what a gory art horror could be, where it could take the imagination. But I’m not sure it was all that I hoped when I sat down to watch. It was a good watch, I enjoyed it. But I’m not sure I’d add it to the horror shelf of my collection.

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Discovering the art of a recently deceased unknown painter, Josephina, Zawe Ashton (Nocturnal Animals, Blitz), takes the art and shows it to her boss. It captures the attention of all who look at it. Soon her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler, The Sisters Brothers), and her boss, Rene Russo (Nightcrawler, The Intern), are helping Josephina to become what she always wanted, famous.

But attached to the paintings is the spirit of the artist, who had specifically requested that they all be destroyed upon his death. And it isn’t long before that spirit begins to take it’s revenge on all who have profited from the art.

Velvet Buzzsaw review

Velvet Buzzsaw Review Conclusion

I might watch it again:– I think I would call this a soft horror. There is gore but it’s arty and mostly hinted at. And there are plenty of deaths but again, rather arty so they don’t really feel like deaths. And no one seems particularly phased by one of their own dying until the connections start being made and they start to think that just maybe they might be next. I might have missed why she had that particular tattoo, and why there were unusual materials in the artwork but I’m not sure it would have made much difference to the film had I known them. An entertaining watch with a soft horror vibe.

4 Stars

Something classy, Champagne maybe and some little nibbles that you have no idea what they are but they taste so good you wonder if you can get the recipe.

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