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His Son Killed, Wife in Hospital, The Killer falling for his Daughter -Maybe

Tin Star stars Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Lie to me), Christopher Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, 12 Monkeys), Genevieve O’Reilly (Rogue One, Matrix Revolutions), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men, The Neon Demon), and many others.  

A previously undercover British cop moves his family to Canada where he is the new Sheriff. It’s a fairly small town and they live out of town in a nice house by the lake. An oil company comes to town and causes a disruption, along with a group of men with nefarious intentions. The Sheriff’s past is coming back to bite him in the ass, if he doesn’t kick it in the teeth first.

Is he or isn’t he, will he or won’t he

Full of unusual characters and twists and turns this show was appealing from the second I saw the first trailer. And it didn’t let me down. Most things with Tim Roth in are pretty decent so you know you’re already onto a winner. He gets away with a lot of stuff partly because he’s the Sheriff and partly because the deputies are not as experienced -plus there’s only two of them.

It’s a violent, shifting, thrill ride. If you can keep up with the stories that intertwine. In the beginning you think there are two different stories running through it, two crimes to be solved, but then you realise it’s all the same thing. And if the Sheriff hadn’t come to town neither would have the chaos and violence.

Tin Star
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Tin Star Review Conclusion

I would definitely watch it again – Tin Star was surprising from the beginning. It’s certainly a show you have to pay attention to as there’s so much to take in and learn. And yet at the same time it felt loosely put together, like the plastering was done well but the wallpapering not so much. I really enjoyed it despite that, because it seemed to echo the mind/behaviour of Tim Roth’s character Jim…or was it Jack? It didn’t get five stars because it completely lost me once or twice. Characters would be brought in then disappear almost completely.  You do need to be paying attention the whole way through.

4.5 stars 

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