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Whether you watched the first season or not you could easily jump into The Sinner from season 2 episode one and then return to season 1. Another intriguing investigation that demonstrates how situations can tear families apart and makes you question what’s on the surface. Can you figure it out before the final episode? 

The Sinner on Netflix

When a troubled detective, Ambrose, returns to his hometown to help out the daughter, Heather, of an old friend, he has no idea where it will lead. Heather’s case is that of a young boy who seemingly has murdered his parents. But it isn’t long before what they thought they knew starts to unravel. One by one they tug at the strings and unravel the truth of this double murder.

Starring Bill Pullman (The Sinner Season 1, Independence Day), Carrie Coon (Fargo, Avengers: Infinity War), Natalie Paul (The Duece, Crown Heights), Hannah Gross (Mindhunter, Deadwax), and Elisha Henig (Mr. Robot, American Vandal). 

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

The Sinner Season 2 Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – There was a point in this series where I thought for a moment that it was going to be more than one crime as the focus. That two or three episodes would focus on one particular story and then move on. But that was not the case, I had been misled. What I thought had happened had far more threads leading to it than I had initially anticipated. 

A really well done crime drama that keeps you guessing the whole way. You think you know but then you don’t. Well worth a watch.Here’s hoping for a third season. 

4.5 Stars

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