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Polar was a highly anticipated Netflix movie starring Mads Mikkleson and we do love a good movie with Mads in. He was particularly under-dressed at times in this one, and often had nasty wounds.

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About to retire, the worlds top assassin Duncan Vizla, played by Mads Mikkleson (Hannibal, Doctor Strange) is about to get a very large retirement check that the company doesn’t want to pay out. So instead they mark him as a liability and send out other assassins to take him out. He settles in a cabin near a young woman, played by Vanessa Hudgens (Beastly, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), and tries to enter retirement. His employers have other ideas, and Vivian, played by Katheryn Winnick (Vikings, The Dark Tower), and Blut, played by Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Alice Through The Looking Glass), do all they can to ensure he doesn’t get that retirement payment. He might be ready to retire but he hasn’t lost any of his skills, he’s not going to be so easy to assasinate.

Polar Review

Polar Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – With its peculiar mash-up of old western and modern neon bright chaos, this was an unusual film. One minute it’s a got a Charles Bronson feel and the next it’s like, well, I don’t know, Game Over, Man perhaps. That crazy, bright, weirdly clothed, far too rich crime boss…assassins services boss…

As per usual Mads was brilliant, and if you really want to see him naked fighting covered in blood, this is the film for you. Just forget about the weak storyline -it was there but it was lacking in depth. Also, I’m not sure this guy is cut out for pets.

3 Stars

Coffee, maybe a peculiarly well-made sandwich with all the trimmings, and a friend to discuss it with. Because, trust me, you’re going to want to discuss this with someone.

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