Kate on Female Slashers

Finding Female Slashers

So this weeks research, in between editing and writing, has been about women that kill with some kind of blade (female slashers).

There has been a rise in female killers of late in movies, it used to be a fairly common belief that women don’t kill the way men do and that poison was their usual method.

It is often believed that if a woman did kill it was due to extreme circumstances and there are many theories given in each case as to the reasoning behind any killing. Women it seems can be as cold blooded and vicious as men and there are recorded cases of women killing throughout history. I am interested at this point only in the ones who have chosen to use a blade of some kind as this is more in line with the novel that I am writing. I have looked for female slashers to provide inspiration.

And so I offer you these three female slashers:

1) Katherine Knight – she skinned and ate her own lover. She had the skill to skin from having worked in slaughterhouses and even had her own set of boning knives which, it is said, she kept above her bed.

2) Lizzie Borden – who is said to have killed her own parents with an axe. However I should note that more recent forensic evidence suggests that this in fact may not have been the case.

3)Irina Gaidamachuk – a russian who murdered 17 women with an axe and a hammer so she could get their money to buy her vodka.

There were many others to chose from but not as many as I expected used blades, there were poisonings, shootings, drownings, stranglings and suffocations as well as torture of their victims. So only a few could don the title of female slashers.

It is important to the story to know that women kill and that they use various methods, it is my job as the writer to make you believe that the killer in my story really is a killer.

The benefit of a book or a movie however is that, unless it is based on true events, you know it is just a story and the result of the writers twisted imagination. My creations can be as sexy, dark or evil as I want them to be.

It is only a story but a little bit of research into real life facts gives me a clearer view of what it is I am writing, and yes I am writing a slasher horror, but I hope that if you chose to read it you will find it entertaining and just a little bit disturbing.

I am planning to look at relationships between family members and how the law views them, there have been one or two murdering couples who have also been related, so this week should be another peculiar week of research.

Hope you have a good one!

Kate xxx

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