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January Roundup

With Lucifer back on our screens, the amazing new series Whispers, and A Series of Unfortunate Events all starting this January, there’s been a lot to entertain us. It’s kind of felt like Netflix has bombarded us with new shows and it’s been difficult deciding where to start. Not to mention those shows recently arriving on our screens.

TV Land: Whispers, Taboo, Lucifer

And by TV Land I mean everything you can watch through your TV, whether that’s with Netflix, NowTV or Amazon. Or regular TV that appears in the TV guide. Whilst I’m not going to list every show you can find out more by visiting GeekTown.


Lucifer, January


The second half of Season 2 started this month and it all seems to have got rather complicated. Available on Amazon Prime Video – a New Episode Every Tuesday.


The Tom Hardy, eight part, darkly fascinating mini series about an inheritance and the desires of others to have it. You can find out more about the show here.


Whilst happily browsing through NowTV for something new to watch I stumbled upon Whispers. A fascinating series about a being from another planet coming to earth and convincing the children to do terrible things to their parents. Each child is picked for a particular reason – usually because of the job or position one or both of their parents hold. Whilst seeming to give the child exactly what they want in return. Highly recommend it.

A Series of Unfortunate events

This one has been long awaited in our household. Like the books and the previous movie this Netflix Original series centers around three unfortunate children passed from one guardian to the next for a variety of reasons. Each guardian has their own uniqueness which the children have to adapt to. And each location has it’s own series of unfortunate events. If I had to pick holes I would say that the children’s own uniqueness was often overshadowed by the other characters extravagance. However, it is very good and definitely worth a watch.

The best of the rest

I find January is often a dry month for television, but there have still been some good shows that are either new or available as a box set on one TV plug in or another – is there not some way we can deal with all these additional TV attachments and wires and their ability to disconnect from the wifi at random?

  • Teen Wolf the new series is currently showing and previous series are all available on Netflix, I was dubious about this show at first but it turns out I rather love it.
  • Westworld is repeating on Sky Atlantic currently and available as a box set to watch on demand.
  • Sherlock available on catch up if you didn’t catch it when it aired
  • Shadow Hunters has new episodes on Netflix
  • Homeland on Sundays at 9 pm (it’s gonna clash with Marvels agents of shield)
  • The Path on Hulu (which I don’t have so will have to wait for it on Amazon)
  • Fortitude on Sky Atlantic
  • The Magicians on Syfy

Movie Land: Split, Resident Evil, Underworld: Blood Wars


January, movie, split
via Movie Insider

Starring James McAvoy this is a story about a man with multiple personalities who abducts three teenage girls and has to deal with the internal war of his multiple personalities as the dominant one is yet to emerge.

Resident Evil

January, movie, resident evil
via Movie Insider


Alice must return to Raccoon City where it all began. And where the umbrella corporation is preparing to strike against the remaining survivors of the apocalypse. Released January 27th.

Underworld: Blood Wars

january, movie, underworld
via Movie Insider


A seemingly never ending war between vampires and werewolves of a younger generation. Released 6th.

News in brief

John Wick 2 is almost with us and there are already plans for a third film. Groot may be getting a movie of his own (I love Groot) although this is only in the talking stages at the moment. We’ve had the Nominations for this years Oscars and whilst I’m pleased to see Hell or High Water in there there does seem to be a distinct lack of horror – unless you count Dr Strange. There’s a possibility of another Donnie Darko movie with the original director, and a second Unbreakable movie. And there’s going to be another Stranger Things series that will be set a few years after the first.


Upcoming for Febuary


There are a few interesting looking movies set for release in February:

  • Rings – February 3rd
  • John Wick 2 – February 10th
  • Get Out – February 24th
  • The Great Wall – February 17th


Also in the UK on TV:

  • Santa Clarita Diet – 3rd Feb on Netflix (Cannot wait for this!)
  • Emerald City – 8th Feb on 5Star
  • Legion – 9th Feb on Fox (Or this)
  • The Walking Dead Season 7b – 13th Feb on Fox
  • Grimm Season 6 – 14th Feb on W
  • Sleepy Hollow Season 4 – 22nd Feb on SyFy

If you’ve heard of or seen any others that are soon to grace our screens (and look like they’re going to be amazing) let me know and I’ll check them out 🙂 I’m sure I’ve missed loads this month.


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