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Will they Finally Write the Song?

Whilst Keanu runs through the rain in New York filming John Wick 3: Para Bellum we are treated to the news that Bill & Ted 3 is officially happening!  To say I’m excited is an understatement. When we were kids it was either Bill & Ted or Wayne’s World. Not both. You could watch them both but you couldn’t be a fan of both. And I was most definitely, completely and totally, in the Bill & Ted camp. So I figured I’d better give you a recap since it’s been soooo goddamned long.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

So, it all began in the summer of ’89 when I was just eleven. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure hit the cinemas. And we had to wait for Mum to rent the VHS for our weekly movie. But it entered my life at a time when I was just moving up to senior school and making choices about clothing (for my free time, we had uniforms in school).  Look, I did a Bill & Ted phase and a Marty McFly stage okay!  

Anyway, these two older kids had a paper due. But like the rest of us, they just wanted to be rock stars (I had a band). Unfortunately, if Ted failed he’d be sent to military soon and have to cut his hair. And their rock and roll dream would die with the separation. So, they had no choice, they had to pass that history report.Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Luckily, this dude from the future showed up in his time-travelling phone box to offer his help. And Bill & Ted decide to visit all the famous dudes in history and bring them back to the future so they wouldn’t have to actually write the report.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Not long after the excitement of Christmas 1991 died down, my 14-year-old self was pleased to discover that Bill & Ted had returned with another adventure. But once again I waited for the VHS (yes, before you ask, sometimes we did go to the cinema), tapping my hightops impatiently.

Look, the guys had a lot on their plate and were saddled with the knowledge that at some point in the future they were going to have to write a song that would save the world. No biggy. But the solution was definitely not as easy as going to get some old dudes.Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Evil Robot Bill & Ted’s were sent to kill the real Bill & Ted so their song wouldn’t save the future. And finding themselves on the other side they challenged death to a game or three. Hoping to outwit him so they could get back to the land of the living in time to save the babes and perform in Battle of the Bands.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

So here we are**whispers** 27 seven years later. **Returns to normal voice** They have a song to write. A song that will save not just the world but the universe. If only they’d made it as famous rockers. Still, kids are an achievement, right? I have two achievements. I had dreams.

When a visitor from the future shows up to remind them that time’s running out they will set out on an adventure. With help from their daughters, some historical dudes and music legends they will find much more than the song.

They have a script, director, producer, and more but no word yet on when we can expect the VHS 😉

Bill & Ted Face the Music
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