American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare Reaction #AHSS6

Did anyone else jump?

I’ll start with a My Roanoke Nightmare warning – there may be spoilers in this post if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet. This is a little bit of a break from my usual posting schedule but I didn’t want to wait till Friday next week to talk about it (viewers in the States would have already seen the second episode, which I think is totally unfair by the way Fox).

My Roanoke Nightmare wasn’t the title for this season we’d been expecting, so I can only assume Rotten Tomatoes and the TV guide were in on the deception. The endless deceptive trailers were starting to make me nervous about this season but now I’m glad they didn’t let on. The show felt totally new, which they’re good at giving us, whilst at the same time not loosing the American Horror Story feels that we’re used to.

And yet…there was a definite Blair Witch feel creeping in with the hanging corn dollies both in the house and in the woods.

But back to the important part – I jumped. When she’s driving the car and the camera is watching Shelby then suddenly turns to the windscreen – that’s the part that did it. Are they kicking the horror up a notch? I’d love it if the show got truly terrifying.

American Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare
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My Roanoke Nightmare

Is set in Roanoke present day and has made links back to the Roanoke Colony Disappearance. I love the reenactment theme going on with two actors playing one character. But with a large number of comments about race in the show I wonder whether they’ll also link to another Roanoke piece of history – the Freedmen Colony.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for episode 2. And to see how the other cast members, we know are returning, will show up.

What say you?

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