Taking a look back – 2015 recap

Weirdness abounds

With 2 Indie publishers now representing my books I’ve had to get a bit more organised. And thinking on a different level about Kate Trinity. With lazer focus (lots of coffee) and a little guidance from those in the know, cunning plans begin for 2016. But first a look back on 2015.

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I didn’t write as much over the last year as I’d done previously. My time had been divided between this blog and another, work for clients, and writing more books. Hopefully I will be more organised this year and bring more varied content to the site.

Published this year

I publish a few books this year through Wallace Publishing and Kensington Gore Publishing. As well as a couple of free reads.

Sheriff of the Eternal Lawread

One & a Half Christmas Fairies 

Skin Side Out 

Perfectly Nice

Sheriff of the Eternal Law is a republishing of a book I wrote near the beginning of my journey, and the second in the Deanna series. Wallace Publishing is republishing them after they receive new edits, covers, and attention. The final book in the series will be out later this year.

One and a Half Christmas Fairies was written for Christmas and is free to download through Gumroad. Perfectly nice is a rejected by magazines story I published straight to the blog instead so it’s also free. Let me know what you think of these two.

Skin Side Out is my favourite of all the books I’ve written so far, although All the Girl’s Hearts is a close second. Taking a slightly different view of Vampires – more in line with The Strain than Twilight – I like to think that vampires (and other mythical species) could have been alternate evolutionary strains of human. Those that didn’t work out died out. But perhaps some worked out in ways we haven’t yet discovered, after all we’re only human. We don’t know everything.

This story is a mixture of science, myth, my twisted mind, and just a hint of humour. I hope you like it.

No Resolutions

As you may have read in my 12 Questions of Christmas, on Kensington Gore’s website, I don’t do resolutions. I prefer to make a decision to do something and get on with it rather than wait for the start of the new year. So I have made no resolutions. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram where I will be concentrating most my time and efforts (as well as this site) over the next year.

I also have some plans for youtube that could include video updates, story time (because it’s been suggested a few times recently to me), and book trailers. There’s nothing on there yet but feel free to Subscribe now and make me feel good 🙂

There is another novel in the works, although early stages, which will be published through Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horror – but I can’t tell you much about that yet.

And Finally

I’m going to be putting all of my previously self published works (but not those published by Wallace Publishing or Kensington Gore) into a single free download for my email list subscribers. That’s 9 eBooks (priced at $0.99 or more) and a number of unpublished stories.

If you’d like to get your paws on them enter your email now

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I hope you have some exciting plans for the coming year (not resolutions) and that you make them happen.

Like most of the rest of the world I had a slightly later than usual night last night – it’s fair to say that my brain is still partially asleep (despite the vast amounts of coffee) so if this post isn’t entirely in good English remember – this is a new year, last year I wasn’t nearly as organised as I am this year, if I had been I would have written it last year and set it to auto-publish today.

Kate xxx