Rhyme the beginning

The introduction to this current novel is to be ‘spake in rhyme’ as the witches say.
It is in the same form as my previously published ebooks which are on smashwords. I thought it would be an interesting way of setting the scene. The rest of the novel will be written normally as I don’t fancy trying to write an 80,000 word book all rhyming.
I am aiming to write about 2000 words today.
As promised here is a sneak preview. Still a work in progress though…..
‘From beneath the darkness grumbles, impatiently waiting its turn. Soon, it whispers, we will be free. The never ending game played between the two ultimate players. An ancient argument between two rivals equal in their strength.
Who will win and who will lose depends on one single girl.
She doesn’t know it yet, but she could be the answer to the worlds pain.’

Hope you enjoyed this,