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Based on True Events

Starring The Walking Dead’s Mandi Christine Kerr and Gregory French, Joseph Lavender’s Ghost Witch is a supernatural thriller that will have you jumping at the littlest noise.

In a house that all the locals believe to be haunted, and where centuries ago a Native American girl was brutally murdered, a group of investigators spend the night. Mattie, once attacked by an angry spirit in the same house when she was a child, wants to know what happened. The truth is soon revealed as the group are stalked and possessed, becoming the unwilling participants of the ghost witch’s vengeance.

There’s some strange goings on…

Based on a true story there is a slow build up of information, rather than giving you it all at once and all from the same person, this movie gives you snippets and hints before it finally lets you in on the good stuff. The group don’t do as much ghost hunting as it seemed to be suggested they would but all in all it’s a good story with some interesting characters. Keep watching through the credits for the stories of real people who have encountered the house and the spirit.

ghost witch

Ghost Witch Review Conclusion

I would watch it again alone in the dark – Ghost Witch has got the bizarre ability to have you questioning the most normal of sounds in your own environment. I think this element of the movie could be enhanced even more by watching it after dark. Whilst it was a good movie, it left me with a few questions unanswered.

3.5 stars 

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