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With so many confined to their houses, either by necessity or choice, I ummed and ahh’d a little over whether to release The Moribund or wait until it had all blown over. But they told us not to go down the Winchester for a pint so I figured I could at least offer a brief respite from the boredom -and there’s nothing to say you can’t still have a drink or two whilst you read.

On the other hand, it is about avoiding Death, spends quite a lot of time in hospitals, and might be upsetting for some. So, tread carefully.

A being older than the Gods, threatened by a Demigod promising mortals immortality, teams up with Death (her ex), an Out-of-Time Nurse, & the ghost of Sir Arthur to put a stop to the Demigod’s plan before all hope of an afterlife is stolen from the world.

Unwilling to get involved with the human world, The Moribund visits you before death to offer you the ideal next life, so when a nurse approaches her looking for a deal for her dying husband she is less than accomodating.
But then they discover the husband’s soul wandering the hospital looking for a new body, and he isn’t the only soul looking to body-jump.

If the soul isn’t in the body then The Moribund won’t offer her deal and without the deal, she can’t satisfy her hunger. Will she revert to the way she fed before humans came into being or put a stop to the body-jumping before it becomes a bigger problem?

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Whilst I did do a free promotion through Amazon from 21/03/2020 for 5 days if you didn’t manage to grab it it’s still available for free on Kindle Unlimited. And what better time to take a Kindle Unlimited or Prime trial whilst we’re all looking for things to do to occupy ourselves alone. And I ask that if you enjoy it, you leave a review -they help heaps.

The World of The Moribund

Set in a version of modern-day earth but is part of a larger universe this story introduces you to beings that are other than human, everything from Demigods to Angels to Death. We are not alone; our belief created most of those other beings, unfortunately when we stop believing and stop defining, or change, their purpose a lot of things can go wrong as those beings take the reigns of their own existence. It’s a bit like turning the oven on because we want food but then deciding we’re not hungry and not bothering to turn the oven off again. Eventually something is going to go very wrong. And it’s always the humans that pay the price.

And then there are those older beings, the ones from the Before, who created us and then left us to our own devices when they grew bored.

The Moribund came before the gods, before humans, created by those ancient ones but not human, not god, and not good with the disruption of her ordered life that a scientist and a demigod trying to give mortals immortality bring. It has to stop, but why does she have to be the one to stop it?

Get The Moribund for Free on Kindle Unlimited and while away the hours whilst I work on the next book and wonder if people will calm down with the panic buying -I have five days of loo roll left and only three eggs. So download, read, review and share. Stay indoors, wash your hands, and read.

The Moribund