Mindhunter -“How do we get ahead of crazy… | KT Review

…if we don’t know how crazy thinks?”

In Mindhunter two FBI agents team up to learn, and teach other law enforcement officers, about psychopaths and serial killers. There methods are unorthodox, and initially unchecked. The more they learn, the more people get involved. And the more people involved, the more rules they’re supposed to adhere to. 

**Update** Mindhunter has been renewed for a second season – focusing on events 2 years after season one. There is no release date as of yet – I’ll update when we know more. **Update**

Starring  Jonathan Groff (American Sniper, Glee)Holt McCallany (Monster Trucks, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back)Hannah Gross (Unless, Take What You Can Carry), Anna Torv (Fringe, Secret City), Cotter Smith (The Americans, X-Men 2),  and created by Joe Penhall (The Road, The Long Firm).

Psychopaths are convinced there is nothing wrong with them **spoilers ahead**

There is lots going on in this show, relationships with family and friends, work, and building relationships with the people they are interviewing – whether they like it or not. The psychopath vibe comes at you from a lot of different angles. But it’s the change in the two main characters that I found most interesting.

Before these two agents began interviewing and researching psychopaths and murderers in greater depth the FBI had specific ideas about how and why these people did the things they did. Getting a closer perspective makes their methods more useful in catching killers. Allowing them to identify and predict serial killer behaviour.


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Mindhunter Review Conclusion

I can’t wait for Season 2 – I’m not sure the show was entirely what I was expecting but it’s definitely one worth watching. Actually, I couldn’t stop watching – I binge watched.

4.5 stars 

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