Hangman – Can they solve it in time?| KT Review

An irresistible choice. It’s hard to pass up an Al Pacino film and this one promised the viewers involvement. You’re on the edge of your seat the whole time trying to figure out the Hangman word before they do. And getting drawn further and further in as they make connections and hunt for the elusive killer.

Hangman on Netflix

When a homicide detective, a reporter, and a retired criminal profiler have a serial killer call them out they race from murder to murder. Trying to put together the clues in an attempt to save the next victim. And catch the killer before he finishes his gruesome game of Hangman.

Starring Al Pacino (The Godfather, The Devil’s Advocate), Karl Urban (Star Trek, Thor: Ragnarok), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, Would You Rather), Joe Anderson (The Crazies, Hannibal), Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest, Reverie), and Sloane Warren (Outcast, Ozark).

Hangman Review

Hangman Review Conclusion *Spoilers Ahead*

I will definitely be watching this one again:– An enjoyable crime drama that keeps you guessing and trying to figure it out. Plenty of action and even when there isn’t any it’s fairly intense as they start to put the pieces together. I wasn’t entirely convinced by the bad guy. When we finally got to see who it was, he gave away his reasons far too easily. But there was no certainty the detectives would get there in time. If you like dark crime drama, turn all your other devices off and settle in for this one – you don’t wanna miss anything.

4 Stars

Grab a bacon bun or two, a cup of tea, and snuggle down to watch. Can you figure out the word before they do?

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