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Didn’t know this was coming

Frontier is set in the 1700’s during a time of settlements, colonies, unrest, and harsh living conditions. The story is focused on the fur trade and the Hudson Bay Company. It stars (amongst others) Jason Momoa, Alun Armstrong, Allan Hawco, Jessica Matten, and Diana Bentley. And it’s a Discovery Canada series also currently available on Netflix.

Firstly, I haven’t watched the whole series of Frontier and so far I have mixed feelings about it. I loved the settings and the clothes, it has a darkness to it that I also liked.

A few of the story lines had painfully easy solutions to get the characters to where they wanted them. The most likely the reason I don’t feel an urge to binge watch the series. If they let the characters make bad choices (or the wrong choices) without always giving them an easy out it will get much more intense. It feels a little as if it’s being come at timidly. They’re not quite committing to the violence, as if they’re scared they’ll offend people.

Having said that, there’s plenty of gore. They’re not shy about gutting things or killing people off violently. And the blood doesn’t make me want tomato soup or raspberry sauce covered ice cream. I really want this one to keep getting better and hope that the writers of the second season commit to the story, the violence, and the characters. It would be amazing to have a Game of Thrones like western. I’m not just saying that because Jason Momoa is in it; it has the potential to be something amazing.

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Frontier Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – But it isn’t one that drags me through, on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens next. It’s got quite a lot of gore, killings, and guttings. It’s easy to watch, doesn’t really tax the brain, and with deeper story-lines it could get a lot better. I look forward to seeing what the rest of this series and the next brings.

3.8 stars 

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