6 Female Crime Writers to Check Out

If you’re looking for something psychological, a thriller, or a mystery then check out these Female Crime Writers for an absorbing read. Crime is almost Horror’s twin sister, and the line dividing them is often blury.

10 Female Crime Writers

Female Crime Writers

C.J. Tudor

You may be familiar with the book The Chalk Man, a Sunday Times Best Seller, where C.J. Tudor’s love of the dark and macabre shines through. And more recently, The Taking of Annie Thorne. The Hiding Place (released in March 2019) combines suspense and mystery as Joe returns to a town he thought he’d left behind forever.

Victoria Selman

Part of the Crime Girl Gang podcast, Victoria Selman and her co-hosts look at cold cases and try to solve them from a fictional perspective. But when she’s not trying to solve cold cases with her gang she’s putting the knowledge to good use in her novels. Blood for Blood delivers a cryptic message from a dying woman torn apart in a train collision in London. And an Ex-Special Forces profiler hears it. A serial killer, a cryptic clue, and a hunt that threatens to ruin her identity.

Amy Lloyd

Amy Lloyd’s first book, The Innocent Wife, was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick in 2018 and this one promises to be just as gripping. Released from prison but monitored, with a new life and a new name her past soon finds her and returns with a vengeance.

Kimberly Chambers

Kimberly Chambers writes with humour, warmth and violence, setting her stories in the East End underworld. And The Sting is no different, a gritty thriller set in the streets of London that pits two friends who grew up together and made promises against each other. The paths we take sometimes lead to a collision that can’t be avoided.

Anna-Lou Weatherley

A crime novel that settles you comfortably in a nice neighbourhood with a happy couple before tearing it all apart. Anna-Lou Weatherley is an award-winning writer and former editor.

Lucy Foley

With her hotly anticipated debut crime novel The Hunting Party, Lucy Foley also writes historical fiction and is a former fiction editor. Her new novel is about a group of friends celebrating New Year in a remote lodge deep in the Scottish Highlands.

Which female crime writers would you recommend? 

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