American Gods, Us, Dirty John | February Roundup

Hope February brought you lots of loved up moments or at the very least a boatload of reduced price Valentines candy 😉 February gave us the amazing Umbrella Academy and Dirty John on Netflix, and coming up for March is the much anticipated Good Omens. Plus, this month returns the news section -and there’s plenty of news!

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February Roundup

TV Land:

  • Bite Club – Alibi TBC
  • Russian Doll -Netflix 1st
  • Nightflyers – Netflix 1st
  • Siren Season 2 – Syfy 14th
  • Dirty John – Netflix 14th
  • The Umbrella Academy – Netflix 15th
  • Flack – W 21st
  • Van Helsing Season 3 – Netflix 25th
  • Shadowhunters Season 3b – Netflix 26th
  • The Flash Season 5b – Sky One 27th

Dirty John

An eight-part true-crime anthology series, starring Connie Britton, based on the Los Angeles Times Podcast. I haven’t indulged in this one yet but it’s on my list and looks like it’s going to be a great series.

The Umbrella Academy

I enjoyed this series and am looking forward to another. Check out my review here

In Cinemas for February 2019:
  • Escape Room – 1st
  • Alita; Battle Angel – 6th
  • Happy Death Day 2U – 14th
  • Piercing – 22nd

Release dates are not necessarily the dates they’ll show at your local cinema.

Looking Ahead

On TV for March 2019 in the UK:

How’s your diet going? The Santa Clarita Diet returns to boost your confidence and stickability -what’s in your smoothie?

  • Supergirl Season 4b -Sky One, 4th
  • Arrow Season 7b -Sky One, 5th
  • MotherFatherSon -BBC2, 6th
  • The Order -Netflix, 7th
  • American Gods Season 2 -Prime, 11th
  • Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 -Netflix, 29th
  • Hanna -Prime, 29th

Movies for March:

  • The Hole in the Ground -1st
  • Captain Marvel -8th
  • Everybody Knows -8th
  • What Men Want -15th
  • The Prodigy -15th
  • Under the Silver Lake -15th
  • Us -22nd
  • Lords of Chaos -29th
  • Captive State -29th
  • The Punisher and Jessica Jones have been sadly cancelled. This comes in the wake of Netflix becoming the competition to streaming services from Disney and Universal. Do we need more streaming services? How much are we going to end up paying out to see everybody’s individual streaming services? There is no one company that provides for all of my movie and TV needs and what once was a way to reduce viewing costs on services is becoming something that only the lucky few are going to be able to afford all of.
  • Lost Boys has found it’s cast for the pilot episode, with Tyler Posey cast as Michael, Kiele Sanchez will play his mother, Medalion Rahimi as Stella (Star), and Dakota Shapiro who is to play David. I’m looking forward to this series and hope it gets beyond the pilot. Tyler is always excellent and I think this looks like a good cast.
  • The Haunting of Hill House will be returning for a second season on Netflix, which is going ahead as an anthology series so there is a chance that not one of the previous characters will be in it.
  • As a result of low ratings, the George R.R. Martin series Nightflyers will not be getting a second season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the low ratings were as a result of the way the release date was handled -it was arriving then it wasn’t, on and off again until many lost interest. I enjoyed it and it’s a shame there won’t be a second season.
  • The second novel from UK indie author Keith Anthony Baird has hit the shelves – Nexilexicon. What begins in the wilds of the Amazon jungle in 1847 culminates in a threat to mankind’s very existence. Deep beneath a mountain, inside a secure facility at the heart of a covert black op called Nexilexicon, a team of scientists, the military and the CIA are about to punch a hole through to another dimension. What could possibly go wrong? Amazon
  • Starting February 26th, on the US marketplace only, The Jesus Man: a post-apocalyptic debut novel available for just 99c for a limited time. Go grab a bargain!
  • Coming March from James Wraieth is a hard-nosed boozy P.I. with a cybernetic arm. His name is Ace Harker, and he lives and operates in a LasVegas styled city on Mars, called Spade City. Where people of all kinds from all over the solar system come to gamble and revel in debauchery. Run by several crime families, it has the definite old world feel of classic noir detective shows that blend sci-fi elements like aliens, cybernetics and more. Heavily inspired by the old Sam Spade radio shows this is the first in a series and well worth keeping an eye out for. Stay up to date by following

Stars, Moon

KT Books Released in 2018

  • Stars
  • Moon

The second book, Moon, is the novella that began as a CryptTV/Inkshares entry, wanted to be a script and was entered in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition. Read the First Chapter here. Both books are now available for download on Amazon too.

This was a damn good read. The set up seems like it will be a little cliched ghost story at first, but then it turns into something else entirely… If you appreciate a quick read and a nice little twist, I highly recommend this introductory story to what is promising to be the start of an interesting new horror universe! I can’t recommend this enough. Buy it, enjoy it and bite your nails waiting for the next book in the series! – Derek C, NY

What say you?

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