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Let me introduce you to Andy Rausch, the author of Bloody Sheets, Crazy-Ass Stories For Crazy-Ass People, Riding Shotgun: And Other American Cruelties amongst many others, and screenwriter for the film DAHMER VS. GACY. Bloody Sheets is a short read, perfect for a sunny afternoon off soaking up the rays in the back garden.

Bloody Sheets by Andy Rausch

Bloody Sheets

When a young black man is lynched in a small Alabama town, his estranged father -a crime world enforcer- sets out for revenge, embarking on a blood-soaked journey that will leave the ravaged bodies of dead Klansmen in his wake.

You can find more about Andy Rausch here or click on the image below to read the book.

Bloody Sheets Review Conclusion

I might have to pick up a few more from Andy Rausch: An author with an interesting voice, this book is violent and determined. A revenge story that quickly has you feeling for the character’s predicament. You want this character to get the life they want and then things go very wrong. It’s a story that naturally leads you on and you want to find out what happens next.
This story is fairly fast-paced, keeping the action going and the anger bubbling through. A little dark humour at other characters expense and, perhaps, not as gory as I was expecting. An enjoyable read with a strong message.

4 Stars

So grab a copy of Bloody Sheets and a big bag of crisps (maybe something meaty) then settle down for a violent revenge story.

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What say you?

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