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Like the biggest bubble you ever saw

Who wouldn’t want to go beyond the barrier, it’s so pretty. Annihilation serves up a mix of beauty and beasts. And a mission that will change their perspectives.

A little distracting switching from the action to the interview. I kept forgetting that she was telling them what had happened rather than it being in real time, so everytime it switched back to her in the room answering questions I was confused. Slowly getting stranger and stranger the further in you go, this movie asks what if…


When her husband disappears on a mission, a biologist signs up to join an expedition into the disaster zone but what they find is not what they were expecting.

Starring Natalie Portman (Jackie, Jane Got a Gun)Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight, Morgan)Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Westworld), Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange, Electric Dreams), and David Gyasi (Troy: Fall of a City, Interstellar).

Based on the book by Jeff Vandermeer you can choose to read or watch or both.


Annihilation Review Conclusion

Yeah, I reckon I’d watch it again – Visually appealing with plenty of action, strange creatures and plants. Annihilation is very long and it feels it. Whilst there is action there are also slow quiet scenes, particularly once they’re in the shimmer. Worth watching but not a hell for leather to get the cure, kinda film. It’s exploratory, it’s visual, it’s strange. It’s a what if.

4 stars 

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